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The Re-Centering Southeastern Archaeology Bibliography is a community-sourced library managed in Zotero. This bibliography is a way to increase the visibility of publications by archaeologists and scholars that identify as Black, Indigenous, LatinX, people of color, women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and the intersection of any and all of these identities. The scope especially pertains to the Southeastern US, but contributions by scholars working in other regions are welcome so as to broaden the theoretical and methodological scope and cross-disciplinary nature of our work. Our hope is that by promoting the above works, this project will foster improvements in equitability among citation, curricula, and pedagogical practices.

The Re-centering Southeastern Archaeology Bibliography is a useful source of reference information for students, professionals, avocationals, descendant community members, and others interested in research on the archaeology of the Southeastern US. The focus is on scholarship that situates and amplifies voices of our archaeological community that have been marginalized (e.g., Bardolph and VanDerwarker 2016; Beaudry and White 1994; Franklin 1997; Heath-Stout 2019, 2020; Hutson 2002). The bibliography includes works by these authors and others that focus on research questions that pay particular attention to the concerns of these groups (women, Black, Indigenous, LatinX, people of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities). This is a way to critically reflect on our everyday practices of citation and start to consciously question how we can incorporate the research of more women, Black, Indigenous, LatinX, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities into the center of our work (Cite Black Women Collective 2018).

We acknowledged that this bibliography is a starting point for users to find references pertinent to their research topics, from the widely available high-impact factor journals to more obscure technical reports that exist in the grey literature. This bibliography is meant to be dynamic, and the goal is to keep it current via user-submissions of reference information. Entries to the bibliography are vetted by the group admins to insure accuracy of information. Please help us grow the bibliography by submitted citations through the associated Google Form: Submit a citation to the Bibliography

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